Let me remember 

I want to cry but I cannot.
I want to remember everything
And the knowledge that in time I will forget
Breaks my heart.

I want to cry so hard that the sky will break.
I want to shed tears.
I want to shed tears for what could’ve been,
For what could be,
For what was,
But I don’t know how.
My soul won’t let me.
My brain won’t let me.
And my eyes cannot get wet
However much I think of it.

I wish to drop down to my knees,
To sink my face in a pillow
And get drunk into a pool of tears;
But something inside me isn’t working.

I just want to remember
And keep it with me forever.
I want to cry so loud that all the generations
Ahead and behind me
Will hear it.
I want to cry so hard
That my heart
Would build itself anew.

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